The Chinese History Podcast


May 29, 2022
Season 2
Xing Hang

1 (11/28/2022)

The Maritime Kingdom of the Zheng Family: An Interview with Professor Xing Hang
Season 1
Maura Dykstra

15 (09/20/2022)

Professor Maura Dykstra on Her New Book ”Uncertainty in the Empire of Routine: The Administrative Revolution of the Eighteenth-Century Qing State” (Governing China, Part 2) 
Chelsea Wang

14 (08/21/2022)

The Ming Bureaucracy and its Practices: A Conversation with Professor Chelsea Wang (Governing China, Part 1)
Sean Cronan

13 (07/31/2022)

The Ming in the Southwest: Conquest, Rule, and Legacy
Joanna Waley-Cohen

12 (06/25/2022)

Professor Joanna Waley-Cohen on New Qing History
George L. Israel

11 (05/01/2022)

Wang Yangming and the School of Mind: An Interview with Professor George L. Israel
Lina Nie 10 (04/03/2022) Diplomacy, War, and Interstate Order in the Late 13th century East Asia: A Reconsideration of the Mongol Invasions of Japan
Nile Green 09 (03/13/2022) Rediscovering and Reconnecting: The Intellectual Exchange of Hui Muslims in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Gregory Sattler 08 (02/13/2022) Sino-Japanese Diplomatic Encounters from the 1st to the 9th Century
Kenneth Swope 07 (01/29/2022) New Narratives on the Late Ming Military: An Interview with Professor Kenneth Swope
Yuan Chen 06 (01/12/2022) Feeding and Supplying the World’s Largest City: The Environmental Impact of Northern Song Kaifeng
Yiming Ha 05 (12/26/2021) The Mongol-Yuan Conquest of the Southern Song
Sixiang Wang 04 (12/12/2021) The Tributary System and Chosŏn-Ming Relations: A Conversation with Professor Sixiang Wang
King Kwong Wong 03 (11/27/2021) King Kwong Wong on Koryŏ Korea Under Mongol-Yuan Domination
Sean Cronan 02 (11/13/2021 New Perspectives on the Zheng He Voyages: A Conversation with Sean Cronan
Gregory Sattler 01 (10/31/2021) The Rise of Merchants: Maritime Sea Trade in East Asia in the 10th to 12th centuries

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